C4 Equipment

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C4 - 300/400 Adaptor

Adapter kit to fit the footpockets 300/400 on blades not supposed to be fit on this type of footpock..


C4 300 Footpockets

The C4 300 is a "traditional” ambidextrous style foot-pocket. This is where traditional ends. Ligh..


C4 400 Footpockets

e’re particularly proud of the new 400 foot pockets. They are manufactured in thermoplastic rubber a..


C4 Marsellaise Stainless Weight Belt

Silicone rubber belt featuring a quick release Marseillaise style stainless steel buckle. This belt ..


C4 Mistral Snorkel

Mistral is a snorkel specifically designed for freediving and spearfishing. It features an anatomica..


C4 Plasma Low Volume Mask

PLASMA is a mask made in anallergic silicone and it is designed specifically for free diving and spe..


C4 Plasma Low Volume Mask and Mistral Snorkel Bundle

Specifically design for freediving and deep spearfishing. Incredibly wide field of vision and extrem..


C4 Rubber Weight Belt

This belt has the same great features of the Marsiglese belt but it is assembled with a thermoplasti..


C4 Standard Fin Bag

Backpack specifically designed for freediving fins featuring an external zippered pocket for carryin..


C4 Volare Fin Bag

Large bag specifically designed for freediving equipment. Being the longest bag on the market today,..