Kurt Chambers

Posted by c4usaadmin 01/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

Kurt Chambers currently holds the U.S. record for deepest constant-weight dive with bi-fins at 82m/269ft in 2:48 (Freedive Paradise, 2014). He accomplished this using the 82 fins. He otherwise has the U.S. depth records for constant weight (monofin) at 101m/330ft and free immersion at 94m/308ft, making him the current deepest American diver. He says: "I like to reach for different C4 models for different occasions, but any time I know I'm training deep, like kicking up from a 300'+ variable weight dive or having to safety a partner going as deep, my choice is simple: the HT 83. It is clearly the model intended for maximum speed and efficiency, reserved for line and blue-water diving when there is no concern of contacting the substrate. The former model in the line, the 82, I used for my deepest bi-fin constant-weight dive in competition, to 82m in 2:48. Any partners I've lended these to spontaneously remark on how much extra push they have over any other carbon fins they've tried. They are in a class of their own."