C4 2019 New Partnership Announcement

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We  are  pleased  to  introduce  you  to  the  new C4  s.r.l., created  by  the  Bonfanti family  and  the  Ciceri family.

C4  s.r.l. founded  in  Lecco  in  1986  by  Marco  and  Nicoletta  Bonfanti, in  the  past 33  years, has become  the  world  leader  in  the  production  of carbon  fiber fins. Created  initially  for the  production  of composite  bike  frames,  thanks  to  the  creativity  of its founder Marco  Bonfanti, C4  Srl, was the  first  in  the  World,  in  the  early  90’s, to  develop  a  carbon  fiber  fin blade. Numerous  projects  and  successes  have  followed  in  30  years  of activity.

The  Ciceri family, after  five  years, returns to  the  diving  industry. Marco  and  Claudio  Ciceri have managed  for  20  years  Omersub  Spa, world  leader  in  the  manufacturing  and  distribution  of spearfishing  equipment. Company  that they  have  sold  to  the  group  Aqualung  in  2013. The  passion for spearfishing  and  free  diving, together  with  the  great respect for  the  C4  brand  and  products, has led  them  to  the  decision  of acquiring  part of  the  company.

C4  s.r.l. is  destined  to  reach  new levels  in  its  history. The  synergy  of  knowledge  and professionalism  of  the  two  families  will contribute  to  a  brighter future, continuing  the  great heritage of C4  long  history.

This  new business  structure  motivates  us  and  we  are  positive  it will place  our  company  in  a  position for a  future  full of passion, innovation  and  creation  of products which  will revolutionise  again  the market.

Best  Regards,

Marco Bonfanti

Marco Ciceri

Claudio Ciceri