C4 Graphite Speargun

C4 Graphite Speargun

Constructed from 100% T700 carbon fiber and 316 stainless steel. The Graphite is nearly half the mass of the Mr. Dark. To aid in recoil management, the trigger mechanism is behind your hand. These features make the Graphite extremely maneuverable and accurate. Around reef and structure it is unmatched. The Graphite is designed with the exclusive Low Friction Shaft-Slider system and comes with the MPL55 reel. 

Supplied with both left and right hand size adjustable grips, the Graphite a real pleasure to shoot. 

Available in shaft diameters of 6.5mm to 7.5mm 

FC4GRA132 - Graphite 132 MSRP $1,169 

FC4GRA116 - Graphite 116 MSRP $1,127 

FC4GRA99 - Graphite 99 MSRP $1,087

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