Outstanding performance without causing excessive leg fatigue. Working with DJ Struntz, American world class blue water hunter and professional spearfishing photographer, a fin that went missing from the industry since it came out in 2006 is back in production. We’ve taken the new DJ Sand Tigers to 170’ spearfishing.

The intention of this fin was a redesign of a sought after carbon fiber fin whose production was exhausted years ago, the Rekord 3, by renown spearfishing equipment designer Pierre Von Ecke. We’ve retooled the angle to be 25° to  be more comfortable and more efficient during the back stroke of the kick. The identifying feature of this fin are a parabolic shape that displaces more water volume in the midline section of the blade and then tapers down toward the tip to normal width. The advantage thereby thrusting water efficiently during the strongest part of the kicking stroke in a shorter more agile fin designed specifically for the unpredictability of spearfishing situations. 

The DJ San Tiger fin is an improvement over its predecessor; useing a production method which combines compression molding with T700 carbon fiber, the most reliable and high performance carbon fiber for fins.

Stiffness: 30/Medium

Construction: T700 Carbon fiber compression

molded variable thickness medium square

Dimensions: 730mm x 220mm 28 ¾” x 8.5”

Volume: 1.606 cm/q

Compatibility: C4 300 and 400 footpockets

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