NAIFU and NAIFU S feature an innovative and ergonomic design. NAIFU is a belt knife with a total len..
GLADIUS is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.GLADIUS is a..
MINIMAL are made in 100% fine texture twill T300 carbon fiber. They are well proportioned and they c..
DUAL MOON HT feature the same technical characteristics and overall performance of the ALLBLACK HT m..
SIDERAL HT are extremely bright and shiny. Thanks to these features they increase the safety of deep..
Specifically design for freediving and deep spearfishing. Incredibly wide field of vision and extrem..
Dolphin are C4’s new entry level plastic blade fins. They are simple and efficient. They are comfort..
Outstanding performance without causing excessive leg fatigue. Working with DJ Struntz, American wor..
$448.95 $399.95
e’re particularly proud of the new 400 foot pockets. They are manufactured in thermoplastic rubber a..
EXTREME CAMO is a two piece wetsuit made in single lined neoprene with an elastic camoufl aged linin..
GLADIUS is a bag designed specifically to carry spearguns and it features four separate compartments..
The biggest thing that stands out to me is how far this gun shoots. I phrase it as a country mile lol. I’ve been shooting my friends Rob Allen Tuna gun for several months now and immediately felt and saw a difference in the distance and penetration at distance. I’m even using the heavier 7mm shaft and not the 6.5mm it came with. Shot 3 grouper, 2 hogfish and some mangs this weekend. Grouper were 27”-29” so nothing small. Super impressed with the feel, the reel adapter is working great and the gun shoots awesome…actually quiet on camera too compared to other guns. It also looks awesome, but that’s a given.
- Scott Hersey
C4 Falcon 40: Just paired these with Omer Stingray foot pockets, noticed easy on the legs and fast right off the bat. Ridiculously light, smooth kick. After diving the Little Bahama Bank for over 20 years, put these on and did a personal best with Hawaiian sling first dive, 75' , 10# Mutton Snapper. Definitely worth the money.
- benjamin brown
Red Falcon 40" My C4 fins are by far the best pair of high tech fins I own. They will remain at the top of my arsenal of fins for as long as I am physically capable of freediving.
- Chris Gardinal
Mustang 729 25: This fins are incredible! First time I went diving with them was in Akumal, Mexico, which is near Cancun. They exceeded my expectations! I went freediving, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving in these fins and they performed flawlessly. It did take a bit getting used to the change in kick stroke, but all-in-all was the best investment I have made in diving equipment. The footpockets are genius. There is a left and right footpocket that laces up, which I wasn't used to, but they were phenomenal. The blades attach right to the footpockets underneath to give you more power and efficiency. I took one kick stroke for every three-four strokes my SCUBA buddies used. Talk about efficiency and power! Lightning fast swimming if you choose, or a very relaxed kick stroke to cruise along effortlessly. These are truly an amazing set of fins and footpockets. Night and day compared to the Beuchat Mundials I had before. The C4 Mustang 729s out-perform any fin I've tried in every aspect. Easy to use, efficient, powerful, yet not tiring for an out-of-shape diver. These fins took me places I didn't think I could reach, and they took me with easy. Extremely durable blades. I do mostly shore diving, so I worry about my blades getting beat up. While I was diligent and careful, inevitably they did manage to scrape on a rock or two. Not a single scratch on these. Also, the flexibility is astounding. I felt myself effortlessly gliding through the water without even trying and no one could keep up. I felt very flexible and agile under the surface; these fins gave me a lot of control. If you want a set of fins that you just can't beat, go for the C4 Mustang 729s! You will never look back! The investment is WELL worth the money and I know these fins will hold out for several years of diving with me. C4 customer service is also top notch! I would never go anywhere else for my diving needs!
- Dana Mills
I have used the red falcons for several months now, previously using plastic, fiberglass, as well as other manufacturer carbon blades. These fins have blown all of the others out of the water. I dive deeper with more ease allowing me to stay down longer so that I can bring home quality fish. These fins have changed my diving
- Gianni Corbino
Red Falcon 40, Great fin, C4 by far makes a epic fin and there is no equal when it comes to the carbon.
- Mark Paranto
Red Falcon 40: Fantastic fins. Very light, very powerful and very strong! I have done a lot of free diving and these are by far the best fins. Only drawback is the cost. They are Not cheap fins - but if you do a lot of diving, they are well worth the investment.
- Kent Pearce
I like to reach for different C4 models for different occasions, but any time I know I'm training deep, like kicking up from a 300'+ variable weight dive or having to safety a partner going as deep, my choice is simple: the HT 83. It is clearly the model intended for maximum speed and efficiency, reserved for line and blue-water diving when there is no concern of contacting the substrate. The former model in the line, the 82, I used for my deepest bi-fin constant-weight dive in competition, to 82m in 2:48. Any partners I've lended these to spontaneously remark on how much extra push they have over any other carbon fins they've tried. They are in a class of their own.
- Kurt Chambers