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Maverick America LLC is the North and Central America distributor for the line of C4 freediving and spearfishing fins. We carry the largest inventory of C4 fins in the world and offer our customers a direct source at competitive prices. C4 fins are also available through a select listing of our retailers Nationwide in Florida, California, Maryland and Hawaii.

No stranger to world records, C4 fins have earned divers worldwide more spearfishing championships and freediving records than any other carbon fin. C4 fins continues to dominate the spearfishing and freediving industry by setting the standard through superior technology, design, and comfort in the carbon fiber sector divers expect.

C4 is an Italian company. It's the largest producer of carbon fiber fins in the world. You would be hard pressed to find a serious freediver around the world that has never heard of C4. Tour C4 Italy's factory website at

With the input from entry level to professional divers alike equipment has been subjected to the most rigorous testing in the world’s seas and under a wide variety of conditions and different environments. Proof lies in the results: National Championships, World Championships, World Records, which have all been accomplished by divers wearing C4. It’s with the input from many of these divers that Marco Bonfanti and C4 continuously improve equipment for freediving in dynamic and innovative ways.

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Maverick America LLC

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