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C4 Dyn Gloves

C4 Dyn Gloves
C4 Dyn Gloves
C4 Dyn Gloves
C4 Dyn Gloves
C4 Dyn Gloves

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Polyethilene gloves dyn

These gloves are made in high modulus thermoplastic polyethylene. This waterproof fabric is among the toughest materials available to manufacture sporting clothing goods and it features a certified level 5 anti-cut resistance.

The material of these gloves is not only highly protective but it also has anti-slip properties allowing the diver to grab fish and other objects in complete safety.

DYN gloves are ideal during the summer or in warmer waters and the thermoplastic polyethylene material guarantees excellent hand sensitivity thanks to its softness.

DYN gloves are available in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL.

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