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Model: C4 Float Cruiser
The float CRUISER is made by “dropstitch” technology, the same manufacturing process used to make inflatable surfing boards and SUPs. Thanks to this technology, great buoyancy and sturdiness can be achieved with a limited volume. CRUISER is manufactured in high resistance PVC with an anti-skid EVA p..
Model: C4 Open Sea 15
OPEN SEA 15 is the simpler version of float OPEN SEA 29, but it is manufactured with the same materials and technology.The float is very resistant and can be inflated to a pressure of 15PSI (1bar).OPEN SEA, when deflated, it can be rolled and stowed away in a very small space.It features 6 stainless..
Model: C4 Open Sea 29
OPEN SEA 29 is manufactured in high resistance PVC material by “drop stitch” technology. The construction and the high capacity valve allow this board to be inflated at 29PSI (2 bar) making it ideal for blue water fishing. When the buoy is deflated it can be rolled and stowed away in a very small sp..
Model: C4 Red Dragon
Red Dragon is manufactured in TPU coated NYLON 420D by high frequency welding. The size of this buoy is 90x35cm.On the bottom part there are two pockets containing two 100g lead weights to stabilise the buoy during use.Five TPU D-rings are also positioned on the bottom part and they are connected by..
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