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Model: C4 - Dual Moon HT Fins
DUAL MOON HT feature the same technical characteristics and overall performance of the ALLBLACK HT made in TR50. Thanks to two different carbon fiber materials with specular reflections, DUAL MOON HT create a “flasher” effect which can be very useful for blue water hunting.TECHNICAL FEATURESMATERIAL..
$581.30 $631.30
Model: C4 - Sideral HT Fins
SIDERAL HT are extremely bright and shiny. Thanks to these features they increase the safety of deep sea freedivers and they can also create a “flasher” effect very useful for blue water hunting. SIDERAL HT are very light, only 600gr (21oz), and they feature 300 2.0 Easy Fit foot pockets in black co..
$604.90 $654.90
Model: C4 - Volare HT Fins
Aquaticity and LightnessTECHNICAL DATAMATERIAL: 100% carbon fiber TR50 HYPERTECH REFLECTBLADE DIMENSION: 1000 x 197 mmBLADE HARDNESS: 25 soft – 30 mediumWATER RAILS: variable Tunnel ( with a patent )FINS ANGLE: 29°blade + 3°footpoket = 32°FINS WEIGHT: from 600gr. up to 730 gr.FOOT POCKET WEIGHT: 316..
$549.95 $599.95
C4 300 Footpockets C4 300 Footpockets
-47 %
Model: C4 300 Footpockets
The C4 300 is a "traditional” ambidextrous style foot-pocket. This is where traditional ends. Light Weight. These pockets are by far the lightest on the market. A pair of the . 7/8’s weighs only 11 ounces, or 316 Grams. Compare to the most well-known pockets in the same size range of on average 21..
$59.95 $112.95
C4 Pershing C4 Pershing
-13 %
Model: C4 Pershing
PERSHING fin blades are identical to T-34 fin blades but they feature a length of 78cm. They are ideal for spearfishing in the ocean, where the conditions which are typical of the sea in winter, are more common all year round also at greater depths.They can still be the ideal choice for spearfisherm..
$332.32 $382.32
C4 S-990 Firestone Fins with USA wrapping C4 S-990 Firestone Fins with USA wrapping
New -30 %
Model: C4 S-990 Firestone Fins with USA wrapping
Fins specific for spearfishing, multipurpose and highly adaptable to different uses. The blades feature a  dovetail tip and are featured in three different hardnesses: 25 (soft), 30 (medium) and 40 (hard). The surface finish is carbon fiber with a red decoration. The blades are paired with shoe..
$459.95 $659.95
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