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Model: C4 Gladius Camo and Camo Ocean Speargun
GLADIUS CAMO and CAMO OCEAN are the camouflaged version of the standard GLADIUS speargun.Inspired by animal camouflage it has been designed by hand by digitally painting a “textured skin” which makes the carbon fiber background visible. The final effect is similar to turtle skin and the colours of a..
Model: C4 Gladius Speargun
GLADIUS is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.GLADIUS is a fast hydrodynamic gun featuring a rigid barrel for very sharp and stable shooting. It is versatile and can be used for different types of hunting.It has a shape of a cuttlefish bone with a reduced he..
Model: C4 Hercules Reel
The structure of HERCULES reel is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI304 with the main crank assembled by welding. The spool, featuring a ø92mm and height of 47mm, is made in Polipropilene and it has a capacity of 65mt ø1.5mm line.Trapezoidal brake system.Tension knob manufactured in autol..
Model: C4 Primeline Rubber
Exclusively made for C4 by Primeline Industries, this new latex tubing features a fluorescent orange colour and it is available in 3 different dimensions.Since 1982 Primeline Industries has produced the highest quality latex tubing for the spearfishing industry. Primeline has developed a unique late..
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